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Certification Programs for EFT and Life Coaching.

Level 1 Introduction to EFT and Healing Thy Self

Level 2 EFT for working with other people

Business growth and Marketing tools for the entire health, wellness, healing and spirituality sector.


Developing YOU to create your ideal business then giving you ALL the tools to create an ABUNDANT lifestyle around it!

Certified EFT Practitioner Training

Our 12 month, dual certification training program gives you all the tools, techniques and skills you need to graduate highly trained, experienced and business-ready to step into your business the day you graduate.


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Introduction to EFT - Level 1 Training

This course is step ONE to becoming an extraordinary EFT Practitioner with ATI.

This 4 week course will take you through the basics of EFT-Tapping AND show you HOW to apply it to your own life!


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"This course is empowering. It is tough, emotional, challenging but so, so worth it. Everyone here is so supportive and encouraging, the people have become my family. I looked at doing other courses, however this one is fully online and has the added benefit of twinning it with Life Coaching. This is not something I’d ever considered, but I can’t imagine tapping without it now. Do yourself a favour, enrol at this school, Hope to see you soon, Irene"

My Journey so far
Irene, Current EFT Life Coach Practitioner student

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"After having some EFT Tapping sessions for my own limiting beliefs, I felt like I had finally found what I was meant to do….become an EFT Practitioner. My personal transformation been huge. Most excitingly for me, is that my husband and I, who were ‘on very shaky ground’, are now happier together than we have ever been. I encourage you to honour yourself and invest in the wonderful transformational experience that I know you’ll have as an Australian Tapping Institute student. "

Sue, current EFT Practitioner student

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